Antepo, Inc. today announced general availability of OPN System™ 4.5, the latest version of its flagship EIM solution. Already the first and only EIM solution that can interoperate across any standards-based IM network, OPN System 4.5 makes it even easier for IT administrators to implement highly secure, enterprise-class instant messaging, with point-and-click deployment wizards, a new compliance interface, expanded security features and more.

“Corporations are quickly realizing that consumer IM in a business environment is fraught with problems, not least of which are the lack of encryption, lack of namespace control, lack of auditing and logging, potential for introducing malware, and the list goes on,” said Michael D. Osterman, President and Founder of Osterman Research. “There is an increasing need for solutions built specifically for the enterprise that can balance ease of deployment and management with key business and security features.”

“OPN System 4.5 delivers the interoperability, the security, and the reliability that cannot be found in other commercial EIM solutions or open source products such as Jabber,” adds Maxime Seguineau, Chairman and CEO of Antepo. “This is achieved by applying integration best practices and leveraging existing tools and applications within our clients’ enterprise ecosystems.”

Interactive Deployment

OPN System features an open, Java™ 2 SE architecture for fast and easy deployment within any corporate IT environment. OPN System 4.5 now features a multi-OS interactive installer to further automate installation and configuration for all operating systems, supporting Windows, Linux, and other UNIX flavors.

Seamless support for all leading authentication and directory systems is also standard with OPN System 4.5. A new Microsoft™ Windows Console offers point-and-click integration wizards for Active Directory and Kerberos, dynamically synchronizing buddy lists with other directory updates every time a user logs in. This allows any enterprise to seamlessly deploy on Microsoft Windows Server, tie into Microsoft Active Directory, and integrate with Microsoft SQL Server—all with almost no data entries, reducing the time and cost of implementation.

In addition to supporting a full range of Microsoft platforms, OPN System 4.5 offers off-the-shelf integration with other leading products from Oracle™, MySQL™, Computer Associates™ and Sun Microsystems™.

Native Interoperability

Antepo’s OPN System 4.5 works across both XMPP and SIP/SIMPLE IETF standards to offer secure, federated instant messaging that can extend beyond enterprise, protocol, and firewall boundaries. Unlike open source products such as Jabber, OPN System natively implements SIP/SIMPLE, which allows companies to plan Presence network deployment without being confined to single protocol support. This ensures the highest level of compatibility with legacy systems from IBM, as well as with SIP/SIMPLE implementations that are common among self-contained, proprietary IM networks built on Microsoft Live Communications Server.

Heightened Security & Compliance

OPN System 4.5 has regulatory compliance features built-in for small and medium-size businesses, offering SQL and SMTP logging directly within the system. OPN System Reviewer, a new web-based interface, ensures adherence to SEC, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other industry regulations. For high-end enterprise deployments, OPN System 4.5 is supported by leading IM compliance vendors including IMlogic™ and Facetime™.

OPN System 4.5 offers advanced security features, such as certificate- based end-to-end message payload encryption using the Windows Security Services interface, client-side proxy support for SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5, and HTTP/S, Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) support for server-to- server communications, and an option for Kerberos-based single sign-on authentication against Windows 2000 and 2003. IT administrators can also create rules-based access control lists for key server functions such as connectivity, presence, messaging, and agents.

Advanced Presence Management

OPN System 4.5 is now integrated within Microsoft Outlook’s toolbar, allowing users to see real-time contact status and initiate conversation from within this popular application. OPN System makes Presence information accessible through a convenient HTTP-based XML API, allowing end-user and service availability indicators to be embedded into intranet, extranet, or public web pages without overwhelming the core Presence engine.

Pricing and Availability

Available today, pricing for OPN System 4.5 starts at $25 per seat with volume discounts available, and no additional per-server license fees. The system is also available through Antepo’s Channel Partner and Managed Service Partner Programs. For more information about Antepo’s products and partner network, call 212-741-6653 or email [email protected]