Antec, Inc., the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, today debuted their new complete line of mobile accessory products in North America while at the same time announcing the foundation of Antec Mobile Products (a.m.p) – a wholly-owned subsidiary created to manage this new product line.

a.m.p represents an entirely innovative approach to technology. Colloquially referred to as “Fashion Technology”, Antec is seeking to reach out the younger iGeneration by providing attractive products that complete their mobile lifestyles. Yet, by placing an emphasis on mobility, sharing and freedom, Antec seeks to engage a wider audience that includes travelers, business commuters and casual users.

The a.m.p product line includes two families: a range of mobile audio devices and a series of portable power banks and battery chargers.

Mobile Audio

The a.m.p mobile audio accessories offer new capabilities to mobile users. With a focus on mobility, sharing and community, these products maximize the potential of Bluetooth™ technology to provide users the opportunity to experience their music in new ways.

SP1: a fully-portable, Bluetooth-enabled speaker that supports mobile phone functions. Available in three different, vivid color combinations, the SP1 allows users to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device to the SP1. At the same time the SP1 acts a speakerphone, letting users share conversations and phone calls as well as music.

iso: wireless Bluetooth receiver paired with active noise cancelling in-ear headphones available in two color combinations

gain: wireless Bluetooth receiver available in five different color combinations

dBs: in-ear, earbuds with active noise cancelling technology available in five color combinations


The charging line consists of a variety of USB battery packs and chargers for USB-powered devices like the iPhone, iPad or tablet PCs. One example would be the PowerUp 6000, a slim and sleek, portable USB battery pack that uses high-capacity mAh Japanese cells to quickly charge up a mobile device while on the go. Other products in this line are:

Power Banks

PowerUp Slim 2200

PowerUp 3000

Power Up 6000

Portable Chargers

Hub Charger: four-port USB wall charger

Tour Charger: super-slim wall charger

Go Charger: dual-port, USB charger for cars

“Quite simply, we just wanted to provide products that make lives more enjoyable.”

When asked about the significance of Antec’s new venture into the mobile device market, Frank Lee, Director of a.m.p, said “We see many of our competitors expanding their product portfolio into already crowded spaces. What seems most logical is moving into computer peripherals and accessories to compliment the current product line. However, Antec wanted to take a new direction and take the approach of improving the lives of our current customer segment in new ways. As technology takes on an increasingly greater role in our lives, the relationship between user and device is changing. With the advancements in wireless technology and a shift in how people access media, we felt there was a space where we could offer products that would complete our current and future customers' mobile lifestyles. Quite simply, we just wanted to provide products that make lives more enjoyable. This is the market where Antec believes it can make the most significant impact while helping us continue our long and established belief in offering only the best products to our customers.”

The Antec Mobile Products line has been launched in North America and is scheduled to be released globally by the end of the year.

The a.m.p products are backed by Antec’s Quality 1-Year (AQ1) Limited Warranty on parts and labor.

Initial online availability and pricing at is as follows:

SP1 $99.99

gain $39.99

iso $99.99

dBs $24.99

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