Software Physics, Inc. announces AmpIt!, which uses new technologies to increase the speed of apps on the iPhone and iPad. The heart of AmpIt! is a library which is optimized for various system operations, including graphics, communications, and storage. Once installed, this library takes over many iOS operations and performs them much faster. And there are never any changes or patches to software, data or hardware.

When describing how this library achieves faster performance, Robert Stone at Software Physics said, "The developers of AmpIt! used years of experience in closely-coupled parallel processing for supercomputing on Cray and IBM, and high performance computing for financial market systems, to develop AmpIt!. This means new algorithms that perform the hot paths faster and reduce contention of shared resources, reuse of previous computations and improved cache access of data, new ways to partition the work simultaneously over multiple processors, and even algorithm short circuits that significantly reduce the total concurrent work to less than serialized algorithms resulting in superlinear performance as processors are scaled."

So, the faster your iPhone and iPad, the greater the increase in speed your applications will perform. AmpIt! is set it and forget it…once installed, it works with all applications and requires no tuning nor interaction from the user. The technologies in AmpIt! have been tested on multiprocessor architectures of 256 processors, and will scale effectively as new devices are introduced with faster or larger processor counts.

The AmpIt! app demonstrates the before and after performance on a graph of the various categories of apps using real-world applications ( Here is a video of AmpIt! app in action: (

AmpIt! works on the iPhone 4,4s,5,5c,5s, and AmpIt!Pad works on the iPad 2,3,4,mini,Air. AmpIt! and AmpIt!Pad work on iOS 5 and later.

AmpIt! performance graphs can be emailed or posted to popular social network sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SinaWeibo, Vkontakte, and TenCent.

AmpIt! and AmpIt!Pad are priced at $5.99US and support all 34 device languages.

Updates are always free, because new algorithms are under development and old ones are being improved for even more speed.

All this is available at