Ronan McCurtin, the senior sales manager of Acronis in Northern Europe, believes that data will be the key to helping managed services providers attain consistent recurring revenue streams.

McCurtin, on the EChannelNews podcast, said data is growing at anywhere from seven to ten times over the next few years, but what’s important is for MSPs to provide a solution where customers can get quick access to the right data they have.

“Backup is a good starting point because it’s simple and straightforward and lends itself well to the cloud. It’s a good starting point for any business that has a growing amount of data,” he said, during the podcast.

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Acronis last month revealed the details of a new channel partner program with the theme of increasing profitability for MSPs. The new program rewards partners with increased deal registration rates along with protecting deals. Also Acronis margins will support accelerated sales and market share for the channel. The program also provides marketing development funds for solution providers loyal to Acronis. The company is also offering free licenses.

McCurtin, who’s background, has helped to consistently tripled the growth for his clients through the development of cloud solutions for MSPs, added that the pay-as-you-go subscription model is easier to swallow from a personal and corporate standpoint.

Ronan McCurtin

“In the corporate environment, there can be large renewals for licenses, maintenance and support that can take up a certain amount of organizational time to process such as budgeting, approvals and sign-offs. Sometimes this involves two or three people and they can spent quite the lot of time on it. Subscriptions streamline that whole process and it’s easier to understand for budgeting and sign-off,” he said.

Acronis’ back-up and disaster recovery solutions are on the cloud as well as in an on-premise environment. The company also provides MSPs with a secure file sync and share solution for data access. Acronis keeps building onto its platform of solutions through Acronis Labs as well as cloud data centers in the U.S., France, Singapore, Japan, Russia, and Germany. Acronis has a progressive partner program that gives MSPs access to the Acronis AnyData Engine.

Other topics McCurtin talked about on the podcast include more details on the new Acronis Partner Program, hybrid cloud services and how to drive deeper engagements with the channel.