Absolute Software Corporation (“Absolute”), the makers of Computrace and leading provider of firmware-based,
patented Computer Theft Recovery, Data Protection and Secure Asset
Tracking solutions, has compiled a list of some of its most interesting
laptop computer theft recoveries in education since embedding its solution in
the BIOS of major OEM laptops, including Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Lenovo
and Panasonic. Absolute’s suite of software solutions includes
Computrace Complete Computrace Data Protection and Computrace
LoJack for Laptops, its consumer theft recovery solution.

When a Computrace-equipped computer is reported stolen, the embedded
Computrace agent sends a silent signal to Absolute’s Monitoring Center
providing critical location information. Absolute then works with local law
enforcement to recover the computer, including, if necessary, assisting with
subpoenas to ISPs and search warrant applications. The stealthy Computrace
software agent can survive accidental or deliberate attempts to be removed or
disabled. Embedded in the BIOS firmware of a laptop, the Computrace agent is
capable of surviving operating system re-installations, as well as hard-drive
reformats, replacements and re-imaging.

Below are some of Absolute’s more intriguing recovery stories from the
last twelve months:

Computrace Recovers Over $100,000 of Southern California School Equipment

In southern California, 13 computers were stolen from the computer
department of a private school in September 2006. When one of the computers
appeared online, alerting Absolute Software’s Theft Recovery Team to its
precise location, the trail led police to a treasure trove of stolen goods.
Police recovered all 13 of the stolen laptops, as well as 26 other stolen
computers, including G-5 Macintosh towers, plasma televisions and other stolen
electronics valued at over $100,000.

Computrace Brings Dorm Room Bandit to Justice

At a university in Connecticut, a rash of thefts from dorm rooms in
February 2007 resulted in numerous computers, purses and other valuable items
being stolen. Within a few days of the thefts, one of the stolen computers
began reporting its location over the internet to Absolute Software’s Theft
Recovery Team, who engaged with local law enforcement. Police visited the
address and questioned a woman who eventually relinquished it but insisted she
had purchased the ‘used’ device on the street from an unknown person. Her
story was plausible enough – until later that day, when another of the stolen
computers appeared online at the exact same address. The individual had simply
plugged in another of the allegedly stolen computers after the police left and
continued to surf the internet. The home promptly received a return visit from
the police, and three more computers were seized from the premises, along with
purses, wallets and other valuables allegedly stolen from the dorm rooms that
weekend. Charges have been filed, and the investigation continues.

Computrace Gangs Up on Known Criminals

In New York state, a laptop cart containing approximately 20 computers
was stolen from an elementary school in November 2006. Computrace tracked the
computers and provided law enforcement with critical location and user
information, enabling detectives to discover that the stolen goods were
allegedly in the hands of gang members known to police. The majority of the
computers have been recovered so far, and police are confident they will be
able to recover the remaining machines very shortly. The investigation also
turned up handguns, narcotics and counterfeit cash. Numerous charges are

Computrace Cracks Crime Ring at Colorado University

A series of thefts over a two-year period at Colorado State University
resulted in numerous tablet computers, monitors and camera equipment being
stolen. Because Computrace laptop tracking and theft recovery software had
been installed on some of the more recently stolen computers, Absolute
Software was able to supply the University Police Department with critical
information, leading to the recovery of over $40,000 worth of stolen goods,
including 9 HP tablet computers. Detective Adam Smith of the Colorado State
University Police Department called it “the biggest equipment bust in the
history of the department.”

Computrace Delivers Security Guard to Police

When a brand new laptop computer failed to arrive as part of a delivery
at the shipping department of a university in California last summer, the
computer was eventually reported stolen to Absolute Software – but not until
five months after the fact. With most crimes, a delay like this would have
made the case virtually impossible to solve. But within weeks after the laptop
was reported stolen, Absolute’s Computrace computer theft recovery software
had pinpointed the precise location of the computer, enabling local law
enforcement to not only recover the computer in question, but also recover
other stolen goods as well. A security guard responsible for receiving
deliveries at the university is under investigation.

Computrace Finds Teacher’s Laptop at Student’s Home

After helping students with an assignment after class, a Maryland high
school teacher returned to her desk to discover that her laptop computer had
disappeared. She reported it stolen and the Absolute Theft Recovery Team
located the machine the very next day, notifying police of its precise
location, a student’s home. One phone call from the police later, a sheepish
student made an unscheduled weekend trip to school to return the laptop, less
than 72 hours after it was stolen.