Absolute Software Corporation, the leading provider of firmware-based, patented Computrace Computer Theft
Recovery, Data Protection and Secure Asset Tracking solutions is pleased
to announce that Motion Computing(R), a leader in mobile computing
technologies, has now embedded support for Computrace in the BIOS of its
flagship LE1700 Tablet PC.

Motion is offering Absolute’s Computrace Complete with its LE1700
Tablet PC, the most feature-rich tablet PC on the market. The LE1700
integrates the latest technologies aimed at enhancing productivity of mobile
professionals in healthcare, field sales and service, government and
hospitality, and now provides its customers access to the highest level of
computer theft protection available on the market.

“Tablet PCs are the most mobile computers available and require diligent
tracking to protect an organization’s data and assets,” said John Livingston,
Chairman and CEO, of Absolute Software. “Motion Computing is the leader in the
slate tablet PC market and this agreement reinforces that position and firmly
establishes our embedded footprint in this growing market.”

Computrace helps customers address issues of regulatory compliance, data
protection and theft recovery. The software product deters computer theft,
recovers stolen computers and provides a $1000 theft Recovery Guarantee(*).
Customers may also activate a remote Data Delete feature to protect sensitive
data on missing or stolen computers. Computrace addresses issues of regulatory
compliance through detailed reporting on asset tracking, hardware and software
inventory, software license and lease management, and can help enforce
security policies through custom alerts and reporting. Traditional asset
management systems can lose track of assets like tablet PCs when they drift to
unknown locations or are not connected to the client network. With Computrace,
the tablet PC reports changes in asset information on a daily basis over the
Internet – regardless of its location.

“The Motion LE1700 tablet PC is portable, durable, innovative, and often
used out of the office,” said Tony Bonadero, Motion Computing vice president
of product management. “Advanced security features and services are important
to our enterprise customers as they roll-out larger numbers of tablet PCs to
their mobile workers. ComputraceComplete can help our customers protect their
tablet PC investment and key data, which is important for us in maintaining
our leadership position in the rapidly expanding slate tablet PC market.”

As the tablet PC market grows, so do incidences of theft and loss. Over
600,000 mobile computer thefts occurred in 2004, totaling an estimated
$720 million in hardware losses and $5.4 billion in theft of proprietary
information, according to Safeware The Insurance Agency. Although an FBI study
found that 97% of stolen computers are never recovered, Absolute Software
recovers three out of four stolen computers that contact its Monitoring