Absolute Software Corporation (“Absolute”
or the “Company”), the leading provider of firmware-based,
patented, Computer Theft Recovery, Data Protection and Secure Asset
Tracking solutions announced today that it has joined as a founding member
of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance. As part of the program,
Absolute will integrate its industry standard theft recovery, remote data
delete and IT asset management solution Computrace with McAfee ePolicy
Orchestrator (ePO) to help deliver a complete security and compliance
risk management solution for joint customers.

“Absolute is excited to be part of McAfee’s Security Innovation Alliance
program,” said John Livingston, Chairman and CEO of Absolute Software. “McAfee
is taking a real leadership role in providing enterprise customers with
integrated security and management capabilities. Integrating our products with
the McAfee ePO management console provides customers with both secure and
manageable solutions.”

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator is an ideal platform for supporting a layered
approach to computer security. ePO allows organizations to centrally-manage
multiple security and compliance products from a number of best of breed
vendors. For example, joint McAfee and Absolute customers can use ePO for
visibility into their corporate antivirus solution and encryption software as
well as Absolute’s theft recovery, remote data delete and IT asset management
products – from the same user interface.

Absolute is a founding member of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance.
Membership in the Alliance also offers Absolute the opportunity to network
with McAfee and other Alliance members to develop, test and market
interoperable solutions for security and compliance risk management.

“Absolute Software is a key addition to the McAfee Security Innovation
Alliance,” said Joe Gottlieb, vice president of corporate strategy and
technology alliances, McAfee. “Computrace provides three essential components
of a layered data security strategy: remote data delete capability, the
ability to physically recover stolen laptops and IT asset management designed
specifically to track laptops that are in the field. Using McAfee ePolicy
Orchestrator, our joint customers can easily couple these capabilities with
best-of-breed encryption solutions to provide the highest degree of data
breach protection.”