There is so much going on in the World and the noise level can be deafening. How do you find some calm to connect with the right people who can truly help you and your business?

This is where I could come in… As I check out and interview channel experts every day, I am discovering some jewels that I try to bring to the attention of my followers on LinkedIn and to my larger eChannelNEWS community.

In October, you will find many video and podcast interviews on a wide variety of SaaS & Cloud solutions (and more) on eChannelNEWS. This is the well that I keep filling up every day for when you are thirsty to find awesome vendors and solutions. Just subscribe for FREE and you will receive 3 weekly updates. I guarantee you will find more that just a few nuggets that will enrich your business!

On October 28, I have invited 6 people that I think you should know if you are a MSP, VAR or a Vendor. It’s impossible not to have at least one of them benefit you significantly!

How so? Glad you asked…😀

  1. Dr. Denis Cauvier is a best selling author that has spoken to over 1.7 million people. He is a top expert in leadership and human resources. We will be highlighting his new book that was co-authored by Shane Gibson who is one of the very best social selling experts on the planet. The book is called “Real Results in a Virtual Economy”. It releases in November so this is the pre-launch inside scoop! It’s a must-read for everyone who is looking to better navigate this new digital-first World that we are all living in. It makes the case for a digital-first transformation of business to be in sync with the new buyers’ journey. MSPs and VARs can leverage the book to easily make the case to their customers. Vendors can leverage the book to make a strong case for their solution to be part of the digital mix. You will be hearing directly from the two authors on Oct 28 to get the deeper inside scoop.
  2. Neil Jeffrey is from the UK, and he is way ahead of the curve when it comes to coaching businesses to drive their sales. He has developed his own process and platform to help anyone to achieve their goals and get the support that they need on-demand! Well, he had me at “achieve goals”. We have since expanded our Channel Partner Alliance tool box to include his platform that has been customized for our members. There is an option to get live coaching on demand as well as to join Mastermind peer groups. This is how ANY channel partner can build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business 365 days a year! We are so pumped about the potential to scale our mission in the channel!
  3. Frank Korthouwer comes from The Netherlands and for years, he has been busy building a virtual tool that will help any sales rep to become a better digital sales warrior. Everyone knows that virtual selling is the new normal as in-person is still off in the distant future. And, even when in-person selling does return, virtual will have become a much bigger component of the sales process. Well, Frank’s solution was built for this digital-first selling game. He will be showing you exactly how this is the one digital tool that every sales rep needs to add to their virtual selling game to become champions.
  4. Victor Raessen is another channel leader coming from The Netherlands! Victor started as an MSP selling into the channel for leading companies like Datto and Autotask. He is also active with CompTIA. During his journey he saw a big need for MSPs to connect with each other and learn without any bias. He decided to build a platform as there was nothing on the market. I think he is onto something big and we are exploring how we can collaborate deeper to help our channel community. Victor will be showcasing the platform so you can see exactly why and how it can help you.
  5. Randal Wark has been part of our team for several years since he was a MSP attending our ChannelNEXT events well over a decade ago. Besides being a nice chap and avid music blogger he knows the DNA of the MSP. Amazing how he can quickly help MSPs identify their gaps and fill them. You want to join one of his peer-groups as I believe there is no one better at doing it. Randal will be there to talk with MSPs to help you fix what is keeping you awake at night. Literally, just do what Randal says and you will be just fine.

We will not be showcasing many vendors at our virtual events. Sadly most channel partners are simply exhausted from the sales pitches and vendors are still struggling with virtual events. Instead, I will invite you to check out eChannelNEWS for loads of vendors and webinars that you can check out on demand.

Of course you will find some vendors at the event, but all of our monthly virtual events on the last Wednesday of every month is mostly for our channel community to get together, learn, network and exchange ideas. It is a safe place where you will see that the struggle is real but that you are not alone!

Here is what’s coming up for events for the rest of 2020. Join one or join all!

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We will be talking about everything cyber security throughout the month of November on eChannelNEWS and cap it off with a liver virtual event on Nov 25.

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This if for our British friends… Sadly we will not be meeting you in-person in December as we usually do. But, we will still be doing the awards ceremony virtually. So please take the assessment to see if you are one of Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies in 2020 and please vote for your favorite vendor and distributor when you received the invite.

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Up next is our 2021 predictions. This year we will be doing it in a panel discussion format where I will be chatting with the top channel leaders to get their take. These insights may help you to tweak and improve your 2021 game plan.

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For our Canadian friends… So far we are still aiming for a live in-person gala for February 2021 as we hope the COVID wave will be so low that it allows us to meet safely. Whatever happens, we are ready to do the awards ceremony even if it is virtual live streaming. The show will go on…Please complete the assessment at Best Managed IT Companies and please vote when you receive the invite for the 2020 Reseller Choice Awards.

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You can click on any banner to go our event web site to learn more or register!