There are about 30 moving parts to being a successful VAR or MSP. If you were to observe successful companies, it all becomes obvious. They know exactly what to do, but they are reluctant to share their secrets. I actually have a keynote that I do on the top 10 secrets of the most successful VARs and MSPs but you will need to attend one of my events to learn about this :o).

I have been invited to talk about the best business operational practices for VARs and MSPs at the upcoming ChannelCON event on July 31-August 2 in Austin Texas. If you are around, come check out the panel discussion on August 2, between 11 AM and Noon. We will be also doing some news media coverage so drop by to say hi…You can also feast on other buckets of other educational content at the event. The CompTIA folks do a great job with this event!

I certainly do not have to tell anyone about the importance of running their business efficiently. I know it’s something that every business owner wants to do. Unfortunately most of the IT folks simply lack this type of business skill. The great news is that help is available everywhere. Any good business coach can help do this job. It may simply be a matter of understanding the importance of best business practices to you future and making it a priority.

The bottom line is when your business runs on best practices, you save time, energy and money. Even the skeptics will agree that it’s the same three outcomes that just about everyone wants more of! I can also tell you that it makes you a lot happier! Maybe it’s time to start plugging those holes in your bucket!

Check out the 6 things that we will be doing at ChannelCON!

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