Well, this pandemic storm ain’t over yet and depending on where you are, it seems to be getting worse. Eventually, the real facts will prevail but that will only happen after all of the crazies have had their moment.

Meanwhile, back at the channel ranch…

The good news is that we are already seeing the way out of the storm for channel partners. Several companies are already making their way successfully. Check out my recent article on which business lane are you in.

Smart channel partners seem to be doubling down on engaging with their current customers and helping them wherever possible. If you are seeing that your current customers are just not responding to you, then you may be in for bigger problems down the road. You have to be helping your customers to think differently to overcome this challenge. Based on what’s happening between you and your current customers today, may determine if you can keep them in the future.

Smart channel partners are also energizing their digital game and skills. They understand that their digital strength will determine the level of their relevance and success moving forward.

I would suggest the best thing for all channel partners (regardless of their current situation) is to join a good peer group to work through the problems with “group-force”. Improve new best practices. Learn from their mistakes. Reeducate yourself on a wider and deeper solution portfolio. Explore new partnerships and opportunities.

Find your fast-lane to success. If not now, when?

Three ways for channel partners to get the help that they need:

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1. Get the latest content and insights from vendors and experts from recognized channel news media to help you get some solid input (Check out the map that Jay McBain from Forrester did). I know that at eChannelNEWS (ECN) we are constantly reviewing and bringing newsworthy content from a wide variety of sources. Take some time to digest the content and see where/how/if any fits into your game. Over time, you will find new ideas and opportunities to build business. Why not subscribe to eChannelNEWS for free.

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2. Check out the avalanche of virtual channel events popping up everywhere. You can jump on all of our free monthly ChannelNEXT virtual events to get a healthy dose of live networking and education. More importantly, you can engage in deep conversations with your peers in real time to ask questions and flush out the best opportunities. We just added a new free-style virtual networking event to allow more unrestricted interactions between everyone. A very cool and effective way to learn and bounce ideas off your peers!

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3. Join a peer-group (virtual until in-person is back) that makes sense to help you build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business. Experience what peer-group force can do for you. There is absolutely nothing that will be more powerful and effective for your business. When you collaborate with a solid group of like-minded peers, you will be on the fast track of success. You could build your own group or join one on Channel Partner Alliance (membership starts at only $97 per month). If you want to better understand your current strengths and weaknesses before you do anything, then take the free assessment!

We are seeing some innovative work coming from smart MSPs. Some are doing great things on social networks. Some are rolling up their sleeves and helping their clients to rethink their business game. Some are going boldly where they have never gone before. It is exciting to see so much thinking outside of the box!