22dot6 introduced an expanded collection of cloud specific features to enhance its universal storage software Valence, the industry’s first software-defined TASS (Transcendent Abstractive Storage System) unifying physical, virtual, on-premise, and cloud storage resources locally and globally.

The Valance Cloud Suite (VCS) uses the industry-first abstractive TASS architecture to deliver features for cloud storage management solving user problems beyond what any point-specific, single software product can achieve.

“Most enterprise storage managers are getting pressure from upstairs to shift to the cloud, but often times it is difficult for executives not on the front line to understand what’s actually involved in this process, and how complicated it can be,” said 22dot6 founder and CEO Diamond Lauffin. “A TASS architecture is the answer, and from sunrise to sunset the Valence Cloud Suite combines the features and optimal practices required for enterprise level data management in the cloud.”

An evolutionary next step beyond storage virtualization and hardware abstraction, TASS enables enterprises to access, move, manage, and protect all data assets transparently, utilizing any available storage resource, regardless of the hardware manufacture, physical, virtual or cloud location, protocol, or platform. TASS unifies physical, virtual, on-premise, and cloud storage resources locally and globally, integrating users, applications and data services. In a TASS architecture, NAS, Block, object and cloud systems are unified, eliminating platform-segregated silos and creating the look, feel and simplicity of a single storage system.

TASS software Valence creates a unified abstractive layer to transcend the limitations of conventional infrastructures, allowing administrators to manage hundreds of billions of files and exabytes of data within a true scale up/scale out architecture. Valence supports a general compute, HPC cluster capable architecture that delivers data accessibility of 600-1200 GB per second within a single global namespace. Valence software offers all expected enterprise-level data services and features plus many industry-exclusive capabilities.

To learn more, visit https://22dot6.com.