Veego Software, an Israel-based startup that puts an end to malfunctions in the connected home, announced the Veego Self-Care solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies, enabling real-time self-support in the connected home. The solution shifts costly and cumbersome subscriber-support actions from traditional customer care to the vigilant Veego AI, saving service providers vast technical support resources and expenses.

“Until now, Internet Service Providers have had very little visibility and practically no control over the broad range of smart devices that each home acquires and the personalized services used by each individual,” stated Amir Kotler, Veego CEO. “Yet, subscribers hold their service providers responsible when things don’t work.”

The virtually unlimited permutations of intricate device and service usage and the growing mass of complex problems in the connected home are already beyond the ability of ISP customer care departments to cope. As home subscribers continue to purchase and install more and more smart devices, these problems continue to escalate in number and complexity. In many cases, the problems are not even in the purview of the service provider, but are due to the cloud, physical-devices or other external problems. As a result, the number, length and difficulty of subscriber service calls, and the time required to deal with them, are skyrocketing. ISP customer care expenses are climbing rapidly while first call resolution and other metrics are deteriorating.

“In order to avoid being overrun by service calls and expenses, service providers have no choice but to look to artificial intelligence (AI) to transfer the treatment of immense quantities of support issues back to subscribers,” declared Kotler. “The AI has to deal with them at the source as they occur.”

That is exactly what the Veego Self-Care solution does.

An industry first, Veego delivers a real-time malfunction-detection capability. The Veego SaaS solution automatically notices improper and anomalous behaviors that impede the smooth consumption of streaming, browsing, gaming and other popular services on smart devices. The solution employs Veego’s unique Global Malfunction Signature Library, a massive collection of device and service behavioral data gathered from connected homes all over the world. Upon automatically detecting problems, it analyzes their root cause anywhere along the service-delivery chain, from the cloud through the internet, into the home via the router, across the in-home WiFi, and within smart hubs and the devices themselves. By pinpointing the precise location and reason of problems, Veego allows subscribers to know whom to contact for support.

In many cases, Veego fixes problems on the spot, even before subscribers notice them. As a result, support calls are deflected while costly, unnecessary hardware replacements and truck rolls – the bane of customer care departments – are eliminated. When support calls are necessary, they are shortened by the enriched, accurate, real-time information that Veego automatically streams to customer-care agents.

A SaaS solution, Veego’s extraordinary capabilities are delivered from the cloud. Veego can be integrated with virtual assistants, like Alexa and chatbots, that customer care departments are increasingly adopting to help reduce the support load. With Veego, ISPs can shift much of the burden of customer care to the vigilant Veego AI rather than receive thousands upon thousands of service calls from frustrated subscribers.

The Veego AI-based solution is commercially available to broadband service providers today.

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