“Microsoft is pleased that the Anti-counterfeiting Amendments Act of 2003 (H.R. 3632) was signed into law today,” said Jack Krumholtz, associate general counsel and managing director for Microsoft Corp. “We commend Chairman Lamar Smith and Sen. Joseph Biden for championing this federal legislation over the course of two sessions of Congress, and thank Chairman James Sensenbrenner, Rep. Howard Berman, Chairman Orrin Hatch and Sen. Patrick Leahy for their leadership in advancing these important reforms.

“The new law will be a critical part of the overall effort to address software counterfeiting in this country. Under the law, industry and law enforcement will have the ability to pursue those who knowingly misuse genuine authentication documents to make counterfeit products appear to be legitimate. The law also will be a tool in the broader fight to protect intellectual property, which fuels innovation and stimulates economic growth.

“We applaud President Bush and Congress for taking this vital step to help stem computer software and hardware counterfeiting.”