eSoft, a leader in network security solutions, has announced reduced pricing on hardware and software subscriptions across product lines. The announcement comes on the heels of SC Magazines prestigious “Best Buy” designation for the InstaGate Unified Threat Management appliances. The new pricing furthers eSoft’s leadership position in both total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI).

“We’re thrilled with eSoft’s new pricing,” said Chris Bond of Innovative Computer Technologies in Georgia. “eSoft security solutions provide great value to our customers and we’re excited to bring new pricing to the market. The new pricing in tandem with eSoft’s outstanding lead generation program will really help to expand our customer base.”

“eSoft has been at the forefront of delivering cost effective Unified Threat Management solutions to the SMB market for many years,” said Bud Michael, eSoft CEO. “With our new pricing, we will extend our commitment in providing our customers with comprehensive security solutions at the lowest possible total cost of ownership

eSoft’s award-winning security solutions are now available starting at $738 USD including software updates and support subscriptions.