Phoenix Technologies Ltd. today announced that Digital Lifestyles Group, Inc. will provide the Phoenix Technologies Recover Pro™ secure recovery application as standard software in all of its hip-e “nodes,” which are scheduled to ship later this year.

The agreement demonstrates continued rapid adoption of Phoenix Technologies OS-independent software products by system builders and the PC enhancement market.

Digital Lifestyles Group requires a secure recovery and backup solution that provides continuous data backup as a ‘must-have’ feature of the system. Digital Lifestyles Group will be deploying Phoenix Technologies Recover Pro application to protect their breakthrough hip-e teen computing system interface with an always-on recovery solution.

“Our teen customers need simplicity, customizability and relevance from their digital devices and they are increasingly security-conscious—demanding built-in, seamless ways to back up, recover and protect their systems. The Phoenix Technologies Recover Pro application allows us to deliver a worry-free portfolio that includes firmware-advantaged pre-OS applications that allow users to enable, protect and recover their data and devices,” said Erik Smith, Vice President Business Development of Digital Lifestyles Group, Inc.

Phoenix Recover Pro Delivers Built-in Factory Image Restoration

The Phoenix Technologies Recover Pro product is the only pre-operating system mode software bundle that gives PC users protection and recovery from viruses and intrusions. When users use the Phoenix Technologies Recover Pro application, they add the capability to perform regular, automated backups to incremental restore points. Restore points can be set monthly, weekly, daily or hourly.

The Phoenix Technologies Recover Pro application provides full software restoration—including the operating system, applications, user settings and all data files, all without a recovery CD.

“Leading system builders such as Digital Lifestyles have recognized their need to offer critical recovery and security applications to their targeted market so that users feel safe with their data and applications,” said Michael D. Goldgof, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Corporate Marketing and Products Division for Phoenix Technologies. “The Digital Lifestyles teen user community will be continuously downloading music and other content from the Internet, and as a result they face the potential of increased virus and other hostile malware attacks. Phoenix provides a secure recovery application as standard software in the Digital Lifestyles PCs and new hip-e ‘nodes’ that protects this new market for teen computing and digital lifestyle products and allows these users to restore their important data.”

Pricing and Availability

The Phoenix Technologies Recover Pro, Console and Vault products are available now in volume pricing to qualified system builders. For more information, call toll free: in North America at 1-800-446-9202, or outside North America at 781-BUY-PTEC. Or contact Phoenix Technologies Ltd. via the website at