Wacom announces Bamboo  Loop, a new app for iPhone and iPod Touch. It combines principles of photo sharing and messaging in a unique and fun way: digital, paper-like photo cards are sent ("looped") to friends, family members and close colleagues.

Unlike many apps in which a photo is added separately to a text message, in Bamboo Loop photos take center stage and can be illustrated and personalized with the built-in editing tools. Sketch, scribble or write on the photo with the finger or a Bamboo Stylus. Loop the modified photo back to the person who sent it or send it on to someone else. One can even share it over social networks. Everyone can be creative with Bamboo Loop.

The base card within the app is a photograph framed with a white border; very handy for personal messages. A style browser offers a choice of different backgrounds, card shapes, patterns, photo filters, color palettes and effects, enabling users to easily create cards with a nostalgic, artistic or fun feel. Some of the styles are provided free of charge, however additional ones can be purchased in-app from the Loop Style Gallery for $2.00 (US) per pack of four. Scribbles, drawings or messages can be written on the card in various colors and zooming into details is done with a pinch gesture, which facilitates the drawing of details. Photographs of mundane objects can become extraordinary and fun memories once gone through the creative treatment in Bamboo Loop.

Bamboo Loop is simply a great way to keep loved ones in the loop. Users can communicate backwards and forwards with each other as the digital cards can be fully modified before being returned. A smiley face, the "Bamboo Loop Like," also provides more instant and cheerful feedback if one does not feel like drawing or writing. Currently the app works as a one-on-one communication loop, but cards can be shared with a wider group of friends by posting them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Loop is also attractive as a visual blogging tool for users of Tumblr.

Bamboo Loop combines the best of both worlds. Aesthetically, it is a beautifully creative photo sharing tool and, in its mechanics, it works as a personal messaging service, letting one talk one-on-one. Everyone can put a smile on someone's face.

Technical Details:

Bamboo Loop currently runs on iOS 5 and higher.
It supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 4, iPod Touch 5.
Creating a Bamboo Loop account is required in order to use the application.
Account creation goes through registration, which is e-mail based.
Bamboo Loop works very well with the Bamboo Styli, especially Bamboo Stylus mini which can be attached to the jack of the iPhone.
Bamboo Loop is the second app launched by Wacom's app software group, following the highly successful Bamboo Paper for iPad and Android phones (5 million installations), which can be downloaded for free via iTunes or Google Play and in the Samsung Apps Store.