Tired of ‘Surfing’ Global Search Engines?

    efinanceportal.com, an interactive, multi-lingual portal that is classified into 50,000 categories to cover virtually any financial, business or educational information query, according to CEO/President Alan Chokov. The site also includes over 150 interactive components, 14 industries with point of interest venues and internal search engine support of over 99% of the most frequently spoken languages.

    This Portal is based on a single destination internet platform for consumers, virtually eliminating the need to “surf” unwanted information.

    “Contributing Providers” include individuals, who are licensed, designated and/or practice in Financial, Business and/or Educational services “Companies” that engage or employ those Providers;” Vendors” who provide products and services utilized by those Providers; “Non-Profit Organizations” who provide services and products to these Providers and “Government” elected and/or appointed officials and associations at the local, county and state levels who support Financial Literacy.

    Contributing Providers can offer their opinions, promote their expertise and service, enhance their public image and generate business opportunities. efinanceportal.com allows Contributing Providers to submit information to the portal from their own computers in real time, feeding immediate, pertinent information to consumers.

    The portal is currently being focused on New Jersey, expansion will continue, individually for all 50 states with New York the next anticipated launch.

    A survey by the company Reverse Direct Marketing found 24 percent of adults using search engines use them to conduct research to shop for financial and business products and services, which Chokov says indicates a substantial cross-selling opportunity for business-business sellers, while also educating the 72 percent of adults the study found are interested in learning more about financial and business products.

    Over 80 percent of the professionals who do not have an Internet presence can select efinanceportal.com as their personal Internet Portal with internal search engine capabilities.

    To learn more about efinanceportal.com visit: http://www.efinanceportal.com/