Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced a new community for Linux developers with expanded support for Java technology-based development tools on the Solaris Operating System and Linux and Windows platforms.

“Sun is making Java technology more accessible than ever to the broadest range of developers – from individual to enterprise developers – with an expansive community development and support program,” said Rich Green, vice president, Sun Developer Platforms Group. “At our Linux community portal at, we will strive to create a leading destination for Java technology developers on Linux where they can collaborate and get support for the creation Java technology-based projects for Linux.” for Linux – Community-Based Collaboration

The new Linux community will be designed to provide a wide variety of facilities and services to Java technology developers who work on or deploy to Linux platforms. Participants in the community will be able to find the software tools and project infrastructure required to support collaborative development projects. The site will provide community-based communication channels such as weblogs, “wikis” and other popular interactive features pioneered on For more information, send an email to [email protected]

“The new Linux Community at is a great place for developers who want to explore Java on Linux,” said Linux advocate Chris DiBona. “As Linux continues its explosive growth, the knowledge that conveys becomes increasingly important. This will be an important place to visit if you want to know more about developing and deploying Java solutions on Linux.” is a popular Web site used by the developer community that expands the Java technology portfolio of applications, tools and services in applied areas of technology and vertical industry solutions. More than 32,000 developers worldwide have joined the collaborative community, and are engaged in almost 700 projects ranging from Java technology-based games development to desktop technologies to enterprise development such as Java Web services.

Sun’s Ongoing Support for Java Developers

Sun’s developer tools product line has a long history of Linux support, allowing developers to create, build and debug applications for Linux as well as the Solaris Operating System and Windows platform environment. Sun fully expects to continue this commitment throughout its product line, including the new Sun Java Studio Enterprise, and the upcoming Sun Java Studio Creator, both of which are scheduled to ship by mid-2004. Other products and technologies that developers rely upon for efficient Linux application development include the current NetBeans 3.5.1 IDE and the upcoming NetBeans 3.6 and Sun Java Studio Mobility. The availability of these exciting new tools offerings for Linux developers will help to speed development of Java applications, and allow for innovation and faster time to market on the Linux platform.

Sun has a clear roadmap designed to support its complete line of development tools on Linux by the end of 2004, including Sun Studio, Sun’s C, C++, and Fortran development environment. It is currently scheduled to give developers features such as: a GUI-based debugger which provides for full multithreaded, multi-process debugging, including applications composed of both Java and C/C++ code; a sophisticated performance analyzer to help identify application performance characteristics including bottlenecks, resource consumption, and code “hot spots;” and the Native Connector Tool, which will easily bind and encapsulate native Linux C/C++ applications and libraries as Java classes.

Last month, the NetBeans IDE community announced a new roadmap for the NetBeans platform, outlining the 3.6 and 4.0 releases. The NetBeans project continues to be a highly popular development technology for Linux developers.

Sun Java Studio Standard 5 update 1 (another member of the Sun Java Studio family), currently shipping and supported on Red Hat Linux 7.2, provides a complete environment for creating Java Web services, and n-tier J2EE applications, and is also tightly integrated with the Sun Java System Application Server 7. Java Studio Standard 5 update 1 is integrated with a sophisticated application framework, based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design principle and J2EE patterns. To download the product, visit