Sony’s Rolly rolls into Canada

    Spawned from Sony portable audio technology and innovations in artificial
    intelligence, along with the company’s design and entertainment legacy, this
    device provides a unique combination of music, motion and fun.

    “Rolly has the ability to attract your attention as soon as you turn it
    on,” said Junior Ali, Senior Director of Marketing, Portable Audio, at Sony of
    Canada Ltd. “It’s a tremendous example of what can happen when entertainment
    and technology merge.”

    Made for producing superb audio quality, Rolly features 180-degree,
    horizontally opposed stereo speakers. As a result, listeners can enjoy high
    quality sound from nearly anywhere in the room.

    Sound reverberates from the surface the device is placed on, whether on a
    desk or on the floor. With a digital amp for high sound quality and speakers
    with neodymium magnets, powerful audio performance is delivered from the
    compact unit.

    With built-in robotic technologies, the device is designed to move its
    small arms, shoulders and wheels-six moving parts-to the beat of the music.
    With about 700 colours in its repertoire, lighting adds to the impact of the

    The Rolly device comes with choreography for three songs, “Also Sprach
    Zarathustra” (theme from “2001 – A Space Odyssey”), Avril Lavigne’s
    “Girlfriend” and Earth Wind and Fire’s “Boogie Wonderland.” It can be powered
    up to play music and dance immediately right out of the box. Two additional
    tracks have been included to demonstrate how motion can be integrated into the
    listening experience.