Sony Adds One-Click Online Meeting Services to its Line of Professional Notebooks and Videoconferencing Systems

    Sony is making it easier for professionals to virtually attend meetings by offering the combination of its IVE (Instant Video Everywhere) Mobile service, powered by GlowPoint Inc., and WebEx enabled online meeting services with select VAIO Professional BX Series notebooks and IPELA video conferencing systems.

    Now with one-click, road warriors will be able to join meetings whether they are out of town or at the local coffee house.

    With WebEx meeting capabilities bundled with Sony’s IVE (pronounced “ivy”), business professionals will have easy access to multimedia web meeting services. IVE offers high-quality broadband video combined with WebEx data sharing capabilities for online conferencing, support, sales, remote training and online events.

    “By bundling WebEx with IVE we are vastly improving meeting productivity as it allows users to share applications and presentations online as well as see each other face-to face while away from the office,” said John Scarcella, president of Sony Electronics’ Broadcast and Business Solutions Company. “This is yet another example of how our professional products are making it easier to conduct business.”

    To subscribe to the IVE service, customers simply click on the IVE desktop icon on a Sony VAIO BX notebook, equipped with an integrated video camera, sign up for the service and select meeting attendees to invite. The IVE service then enables a user to escalate from an email or telephone call into a multimedia virtual meeting.

    Sony’s IVE bundled with WebEx meeting capabilities will be available for use with select VAIO Professional notebooks and IPELA video conferencing starting in mid-October.