nCircle Partners With Microsoft to Protect Customers

    nCircle joined the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP), and will
    be provided with vulnerability information in advance of Microsoft’s monthly
    security update releases, to offer protections to customers efficiently and
    effectively. nCircle’s commitment to rapid coverage for critical Microsoft
    vulnerabilities has been backed by a 24-hour Service Level Agreement for over
    four years.

    This partnership with Microsoft will enable nCircle to provide
    the highest quality detection signatures exactly at or near the time of the
    monthly Microsoft patch releases, ensuring that customers can detect and
    prioritize these vulnerabilities faster and more accurately than ever before
    to reduce overall risk on their global networks.

    “Security is an industry-wide challenge that requires industry-wide
    cooperation. With Microsoft Active Protections Program, nCircle and Microsoft
    continue to show each company’s commitment to industry partnerships that help
    protect customers,” said Tim Keanini, CTO, nCircle. “nCircle is the market
    leader in providing the broadest and deepest automated vulnerability and
    exposure detection, currently providing checks for over 18,000 conditions. By
    receiving vulnerability information earlier, nCircle customers will benefit by
    automatically discovering the latest vulnerabilities on their networks with
    greater speed and accuracy reducing their window of risk.”

    “Our partners share our passion for industry collaboration to protect a
    world full of Internet users,” said Mark Miller, director of Microsoft’s
    Trustworthy Computing product management. “No one company can accomplish this
    by itself. That is why we are partnering with nCircle to advance and improve