Mountain View Data, Inc. (MVD) announced the release of PowerCockpit 2.1, award-winning software to provision and to manage 32- and 64-bit PC servers running Linux or Windows operating systems.

Enhancements in the new release of PowerCockpit include support for major Linux distributions by Red Hat, Suse, Fedora and TurboLinux, support for AMD 64-bit systems, Linux 2.6 kernel-based deployment, as well as several improvements to the node set-up and booting process. The new version of PowerCockpit has been tested on HP, IBM and Rackable Systems servers and blade servers.

“We are fortunate to have close relationships with hardware manufacturers because it allows us to optimize PowerCockpit for their servers when we release new versions,” said Cliff Miller, president and CEO of Mountain View Data. “In particular, Hewlett-Packard, Rackable Systems and IBM have given us timely technical information, which leads to compatibility and, naturally, happy customers.”

“We have been a proponent of PowerCockpit for Linux administration and deployment for the past three years,” states Dan Cox, Program Manager of High Performance Computing for Industry Standard Volume Servers at Hewlett-Packard.

“We have numerous ISV’s in and out of our lab weekly, installing their software with different versions of Linux on our HPTC clusters of ProLiant Servers. We can capture an entire solution and re-deploy it in a matter of minutes versus hours and days before we used PowerCockpit.” Cox added, “Support for 64-bit AMD hardware and the 2.6 kernel will be a key checkbox for our customers.”

“PowerCockpit enables Rackable Systems customers to use best-of-breed provisioning,” said Drew Streib, director of server product marketing at Rackable Systems. “PowerCockpit’s SDK and scripting functions make it customizable so that it works well in today’s heterogeneous and operationally complex environments.”

PowerCockpit has been deployed at data centers and in research laboratories of major corporations in telecommunications, insurance, online gaming, finance, banking, genomics, scientific visualization, electronic design. Future versions of PowerCockpit will include add-on modules for IPMI, blade server management, and automatic backup and restore.