MGE Introduces Low Cost Power Protection for So/Ho and Retail Applications

    COSTA MESA, Calif – April 5, 2006 – MGE UPS SYSTEMS (, a world class technology leader in providing unsurpassed power protection solutions for PCs, networks, data centers, telecommunications, medical and industrial operations, today announced its new Nova AVR 600 and 1100VA line-interactive Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs). These new systems are specifically designed to protect home PCs, networked workstations and point of sale (POS) systems against damaging power disturbances. The Nova AVR models are the industry’s first low-cost UPS systems that can be remotely managed through a Web browser or a Network Management System giving users fast and easy access to important UPS functions.

    MGE’s design and manufacturing expertise enables them to offer the Nova models for the same price as off-line systems; making the Nova AVR one of the most feature-rich, Web and SNMP-enabled line-interactive units on the market today. With the use of MGE’s Network Management Proxy agent and built-in Universal Serial Bus (USB), the Nova AVR units can be quickly added to a network achieving SNMP and Web-based management at no extra cost. Users can easily access information about the UPS and monitor important functions such as power availability, battery capacity, and automatic system shutdown using a standard Web browser or network management console. The new Network Management Proxy agent is free of charge and can be downloaded from MGE’s Web site at:

    The Nova AVR models, which incorporate automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to provide a wide tolerance to power fluctuations, also assure protection against damaging power surges to telephone, fax, modem and Internet lines. In addition, the units’ line-interactive technology reduces input voltage fluctuations saving battery capacity during brownouts, sags or surges.

    “By combining simple plug-and-play installation with advanced communication features, our new Nova AVR models are the perfect solution for affordable, easy-to-use power protection for home, small office and/or retail environments,” commented MGE’s Market Segment Manager, Brad Amano. “Being able to monitor the UPS over the Web is a great advantage as now users of a single PC can see the status of their UPS system from a simple Web browser, a sophisticated feature that in the past was reserved for larger network installations.”

    In spite of their compact size, the units pack enough battery power to keep typical PCs running for 15 minutes to 45 minutes – depending on model and configuration – giving users plenty of time to run through most power disturbances or to allow for an orderly shutdown during a prolonged blackout. Microprocessor controlled charging extends battery life up to 50 percent, while smart battery management assures advanced warning when batteries eventually need replacement.

    The Nova AVR systems are compatible with MGE’s popular Personal Solution-Pac power management software that will perform an orderly shutdown of all system files during a power blackout prior to UPS battery depletion. Personal Solution-Pac gives the user a real-time view of their on-site power quality and the ability to set-up automatic actions in case of a power crisis, including the automatic shutdown of a PC or server at the end of the battery runtime or sending an alert to notify of a power problem. Personal Solution-Pac is the power management software of choice for So/Ho and small business users looking for an easy to use, yet fully-featured solution to enhance the power protection provided by their MGE UPS.

    Featuring seamless integration with Windows XP and MacOS X, the USB models are the first to automatically communicate with the Linux operating system boasting the same features and graphical user interface (GUI) as Windows. The Nova AVR models sport front panel indicator lights to display on/off, replace batteries and overload. The unit’s batteries are user-replaceable maximizing uptime and environmental protection.

    Available now and complete with MGE’s Personal Solution-Pac and Network Management Proxy agent (downloaded form MGE Web site), pricing starts at just $115. The Nova AVR models are available in 600 and 1100VA models with and without USB communications. The units meet worldwide standards for safety and performance including UL and cUL and hold the CE mark for overseas markets. For more information on these new products and/or MGE’s comprehensive line of power protection solutions, call MGE toll free at 800-523-0142 or visit the MGE Web site at: