MaintenanceNet, Inc. today announced the strategic partnership with Integrated Archive Systems (IAS) to provide the value of MaintenanceNet™, to their enterprise clients. IAS launched this third party solution as an extension of their current service offering, providing clients an automated single system of record for managing service contracts that extends across the supply chain.

“IAS and our customers immediately see the value that MaintenanceNet brings to the table,” said Amy Rao, Founder & CEO for Integrated Archive Systems. “The simplicity, ease of use, availability of information, and reporting features all contribute to a customer friendly experience. The MaintenanceNet service allows our customers to take back ownership of their asset information and facilitates the consolidation and co-termination of contracts, allows customers to account for assets across the organization and manage their IT budgets effectively. Simply stated, it makes sense.”

MaintenanceNet™, a proprietary data aggregation engine, uses disparate data sources to normalize contract information, creating a communication conduit between the equipment manufacturer, distributor, value-added reseller and enterprise clients in a single online tool. The secure, online application not only generates automatic renewal notifications when maintenance contracts are up for expiration, it enables IAS and their customers to:

* Improve operational efficiencies, drastically reduce man hours
* Gain insight and business intelligence around maintenance contract purchases and sales
* Easily audit contract data and research all previously purchased contracts facilitating contract consolidations
* View their entire maintenance contract portfolio in a single system
* Compare and remediate data against suppliers data and communicate changes to contracts throughout the supply chain
* Integrate with existing asset management, ERP and CRM tools

Committed to providing innovative value-based tools and technologies for their clients, IAS recognized an opportunity to offer their enterprise clients a solution that gave them access and visibility into their own maintenance contracts. MaintenanceNet automates the contract management process and eliminates the tedious man hours that IAS and their clients spend managing and auditing those contracts.

“MaintenanceNet offers a contract management solution that uniquely addresses the underlying problem of data integrity,” said Scott Herron, President & CEO of MaintenanceNet. “Utilizing the existing data from multiple sources (suppliers, channel partners and end customers); our aggregation engine normalizes the data, providing a portfolio view of maintenance contract data to suppliers and end-clients in a language they understand.” MaintenanceNet has developed solutions and processes supporting the management and remediation of contract data for the entire supply chain. This empowers IAS and their clients to leverage their existing systems, audit supplier’s, and present a consolidated view of valid asset and contract data, establishing data integrity throughout the supply chain.

“Our service doesn’t stop or even start at simple contract management. End-clients typically have hundreds to thousands of assets to manage and a serial number means nothing without some reference to a “host ID, location or IP address,” said Herron. “If identifiers aren’t attached or associated back to asset details the contract data received from suppliers is often times useless. MaintenanceNet turns supplier data into translatable information that the end-client understands and creates business intelligence to drive business decisions.”

MaintenanceNet is easy to implement, working directly with equipment manufacturers to gather data necessary to populate the service. MaintenanceNet then combines the manufacturers’ data with applicable information from each party in the supply chain, establishing a standard system of record which accurately reflects the maintenance purchased.