InFocus® Corporation today announced the availability of two new products in the comprehensive commercial thin displays line-up to provide businesses and educators with large display messaging solutions for conference rooms, corporate lobbies, campus commons, hotels, transportation and signage applications.

Continuing its heritage of innovative technology and channel strength, InFocus will offer two new thin display solutions, the 61-inch ultra-thin microdisplay TD61 and 40-inch LCD display TD40, which bring ease of installation in sleek, thin form factors. InFocus thin displays enable teams to collaborate in small and medium-sized conference rooms, communicate vital business information in central locations and share ideas via video conferencing in new, exciting ways.

“InFocus is committed to developing big picture solutions with thin displays that complement our heritage in front projection. The InFocus TD61 and InFocus TD40 provide our partners and customers options to fit commercial environments where the image size of projection isn’t possible,” said Scott Hix, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas Business Unit at InFocus. “The new displays provide amazing image quality in thin profiles that are increasingly requested in today’s business and education settings.”

The InFocus TD61 leverages the patent-pending InFocus Engine™ technology that enables ultra-thin microdisplays that are light and thin enough to hang on a wall. The InFocus TD61 is revolutionary at only 6.5” deep and offers superior performance and the largest image size at a lower price than any other thin-profile display currently available. Featuring zero burn-in, reduced energy consumption and the ability to refresh brightness with service access in the front panel, the InFocus TD61 is easy to use and provides extended return on investment.

The InFocus TD40 uses the latest LCD technology to provide a perfect solution for small conference rooms, corporate lobbies or control rooms. A great tool for communication and collaboration, the TD40 is bright, flexible and easy to install. With extensive data connectivity and an integrated television tuner, the InFocus TD40 offers multi-use features in an attractive form factor and a competitive price.
InFocus introduced its first thin display, the InFocus TD30, in September 2003. Future plans for 2005 include additional offerings at varying sizes from 30-70 inches (76.2-177.8 cm) to ensure a robust offering for InFocus partners and customers.


The InFocus TD61 priced at $10,999 and the InFocus TD40 priced at $6,999 will be available in Fall 2004.
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