iMoondo: Community Video Classifieds Sweeping the Web announced that it is seeking partners in online media to beta test its new video classifieds platform. Aside from a rapidly growing international directory, iMoondo is developing a way for any community media website to integrate its innovative local video listings.

    “We are building a platform that lets online media outlets easily create and syndicate iMoondo videos to their websites,” said Andrej Masiar, iMoondo’s CTO. “Anyone should be able to create and distribute their own video ads for free.”

    Video classifieds came almost out of nowhere, but in this new cutting edge market, is leading the way. Already a hit in Boston, iMoondo is opening its doors to the international video community and quickly gaining popularity in New York and San Francisco.

    “It was the logical next step for classified advertising,” said John Florez, President of both iMoondo Video Classifieds and The Florez Group, a successful IT recruiting company. “Video provides an added dimension of reality you just don’t get from traditional classifieds.”

    iMoondo lets its users do something genuinely useful with online video. The company’s unique and free service allows people to post video listings to promote their business, sell a car, or even meet people with similar interests. Videos can be filmed with a video camera, webcam and even cell phones.

    “What we’ve created can be used by people in real communities to help each other find just about anything,” said Malachi Bibel, one of iMoondo’s founders. “What we’ve found is that as a city’s video count grows, you really start to get a sense of the culture there. It’s really exciting.”