Fujitsu Microelectronics, Gennum Corporation, Develop New Solution to Expand Data Center Bandwidth, Reduce 10 Gigabit Ethernet Power and Cost

    Fujitsu Microelectronics America,
    Inc. (FMA) and Gennum Corporation issued a new case study
    describing how the companies combined forces to develop 10 Gigabit Ethernet
    (10GbE) technology that reduces cost and power while boosting data-center

    The new case study, entitled “Reducing Power and Costs of 10G Solutions
    in Data Centers,” provides a comprehensive description of a solution using
    Fujitsu’s 26-port, 10GbE switch IC, the MB86C69RBC, with SFP+ modules embedded
    with Gennum’s 10G CDR technology. Use of the SFP+ modules results in
    significant power savings, lower component count, lower cost manufacturing and
    the ability to pay as ports are populated on an as-needed basis.

    The newly published report details how networking systems designers are
    under pressure to reduce cost and power while improving performance and
    functionality, and how the proposed SFP+ architecture enables a $40 savings
    per port, along with reductions of up to 1W per port in power consumption.

    The 10Gbps serial-capable I/Os directly connect to the 10GbE optical
    modules with integrated signal-conditioning devices, removing the added power
    requirement and cost that comes from using extra components in the path.
    Reducing the cost per port also means 10GbE based on SFP+ optical transceivers
    can enable many new applications using 10GbE Network Interface Cards and
    switches for low-cost interconnectivity.

    “Network systems designers need to reduce cost and power without
    sacrificing performance or functionality,” said Asif Hazarika, director of
    marketing for networking products at Fujitsu Microelectronics America. “These
    objectives can only be met by using more highly integrated network switch
    chips and modules. The Fujitsu 10Gbps Ethernet switch, combined with the
    Gennum 10G CDR technology, provides the optimal solution, as this case study

    “Our goal in developing this SFP+ based solution was to eliminate the
    need for all components between the switch ASSP and the SFP+ optical module,”
    said Bharat Tailor, director of marketing of Networking, Storage and Computing
    products at Gennum Corporation. “By integrating CDR technology in SFP+
    modules, there is more than sufficient margin to enable integration of the
    10Gb/s serial PHY in a large SoC device such as the Fujitsu Switch Chip
    without sacrificing any of the performance parameters. The end result is a
    power and cost optimized solution.”