With businesses continuing to struggle with the
explosive growth of data and the rising cost of storing and protecting
critical business, customer and competitive intelligence, Toronto Hydro
Telecom announced the availability of two new Storage solutions:
TERA-Stor and TERA-Recovery. TERA-Stor, a versatile storage solution, is
designed to provide organizations of all sizes with a secure, scalable and
inexpensive way to manage business information. TERA-Recovery, the first
easy-to-use Windows Server recovery solution, delivers a seamless integrated
strategy for rapid server, application and data recovery.

TERA-Stor: Secure, scalable data storage 24×7

A significant addition to the Toronto Hydro Telecom suite of enterprise
products and services, TERA-Stor is designed to help organizations overcome
the problems associated with continually growing data storage needs. An
easy-to-use, flexible solution, it frees users from the hassle of managing
infrastructure and resources. Unlike in-house solutions, TERA-Stor is flexible
and customizable – it can be used as a company’s primary data store, or to
accommodate temporary periods of peak demand. TERA-Stor also helps
organizations plan for disasters and defend against the impact of unplanned
downtime by keeping important business and customer data safe and secure at an
offsite location.

“Canadian organizations face increasing pressure from rapidly growing
amounts of information stored across their business. They contend with
simultaneously improving reliability, manageability and security of this
information. In response, the storage and security markets are growing at
rates that far outpace the IT market as a whole. Managed services provide
opportunities for firms to meet these challenges in a cost-effective manner
with resources they might otherwise not be able to retain,” says David Senf,
Director for Canadian Security and Software Research, IDC Canada.

Businesses also want a storage solution that works the way they do.
Today’s workforce is increasingly dispersed and mobile, a trend that is
changing the way people store and access information. TERA-Stor was designed
with this in mind, enabling users at any location to access the same shared
data resource through Toronto Hydro Telecom’s state-of-the-art fibre network.
Organizations can divide their storage space as required – from large data
stores to individual workgroups. Other features and benefits include:

– Storage availability rates of 95% or higher, and connectivity
availability of 99% or higher

– No capital purchases – state-of-the-art TERA-Stor technology is
available for a monthly fee

– 24×7 access and monitoring

– Support for multiple platforms, including Windows, UNIX and Linux

Tera-Recovery: Business continuance within the hour

Ensuring business continuity, regulatory compliance and disaster recovery
are key focus areas of IT departments. With TERA-Recovery, data is
continuously captured and replicated with multiple recovery points available.
In the case of site or system failures, the TERA-Recovery service ensures that
critical application data, databases and email systems are reliably protected
and readily available to keep your enterprise operational.

TERA-Recovery is a cost-effective, fully managed and automated solution
to bring your mission critical applications back online within the hour.

“Data is the lifeblood of business, but the volume of information flowing
through today’s organizations is growing at a staggering rate,” says Dave
Dobbin, president, Toronto Hydro Telecom. “Businesses are overwhelmed with not
only the amount of information they need to store, but also the level to which
this data needs to be protected. They are looking for a stable and flexible
solution that will protect their data’s integrity as well as rapidly recover
critical information should a disaster occur. Our TERA-Stor and TERA-Recovery
solutions offer businesses peace of mind, providing them with unique,
cost-effective and secure data storage and recovery solutions that will
continually scale to meet their individual needs.”