Airspan and Grid Net to Enable 4G Smart Grids for Utilities


    Airspan announced that Grid Net t a global leading provider of real-time, all-IP Smart Grid
    and Smart Home software platforms for any device and any broadband technology, has completed a
    successful interoperability test with Airspan’s 4G wireless infrastructure solution.

    The combined Airspan and Grid Net 4G Smart Grid network solution supports localized operation and
    enforcement of distribution automation, smart metering, demand response, distributed generation
    management, and energy storage management functions across the grid.


    Grid Net provides an integrated suite of software products which provide secure monitoring, reporting,
    and control for real-time, advanced smart grid management. The Airspan 4G infrastructure facilitates the
    communications path for the Grid Net network management software over a wireless, broadband 4G
    network operating in the 2.3 and 2.5 GHz wireless bands. Airspan base stations are deployed with over
    1000 telecom operators and utilities in a wide range of applications.


    The interoperability testing simulated a smart grid network consisting of smart meters with embedded 4G
    WiMAX chips that communicated electricity usage data directly to Airspan 4G MacroMax base stations,
    which then transferred the data to the Grid Net network management server.


    “The Airspan solution performed very well for us as well as the responsiveness of their team. We are
    excited to collaborate with a partner that shares our vision to deliver secure, reliable, standards-based,
    4G smart grid solutions to utilities across the globe,” said Ray Bell, Founder and CEO of Grid Net.

    “Smart grid operations require a fast and secure communications infrastructure. Utilities are increasingly
    selecting Airspan’s 4G WiMAX solution to address this need,” commented Henrik Smith-Petersen,
    President of Global Business Development for Airspan. “Interoperability plays a vital role in the utility
    market and our partnership with Grid Net underlines our commitment to offer utilities a fully interoperable
    solution that enables seamless, real-time, secure two-way communication.”