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HP EOS Notebook Instant Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until April 30th, 2014
  SKU Description Instant Rebate   D8E69UT#ABL BL PBOOK 6570B I5-3230M 15 4GB/500 $50   C6Z46UT#ABA 6475B A4/2.5 14 4GB 500GB W7P 64SBY $40   D8E71UT#ABL BL 6570B I3-3120M 15 4GB/500 $50   C6Z43UT#ABA 6475B A8/1.9 14 4GB 500GB W7P 64 SBY $50   D3K50UT#ABA EB 810 I7/2.1 8G 256GB SSD W7P64-W8P SBY $70 Notes, terms & conditions *SKUs may be available in English (#ABA), French (#ABC) or Bilingual (#ABL), to find out please check the Focus on Personal Systems excel file. This promotion is available from HP Resellers while quantities of the eligible products last. HP reserves the right to limit quantities. HP reserves the right to discontinue or modify this promotion at any time. Eligible products shipped prior to the promotional start date are not eligible for the instant rebate or bundle offer. Backorders will be not be honoured. Orders must be placed with an authorized distributor within the timeframe of the promotion. Orders must be received by 5:00 p.m. Eastern on the last day of the promotion. In these instances, HP will allow up to a maximum of 10 business days after the promotional end date to ship the product. Shipping and handling fees for the free or specially priced product is not included. This promotion CANNOT be used in combination with any other promotions or special pricing from HP. Only one discount claim will be accepted per unit or option. . It is the responsibility of the reseller to choose up front if regular Smart Buy, Big Deal pricing or promotion shall be used - only 1 promotion/discount is available per unit. Available in Canada only. HP reserves the right to discontinue or modify this promotion at any time and shall not be liable for any errors or omissions contained in the document. Recycling fees apply.

Epson Scanner Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until end of April 2014
V550 photo B11B210201 $12.00 V37 B11B207201 $10.00 V370 B11B207221 $17.00 V600 B11B198022 $10.00       DS-30 B11B206201 $36.00 GT-1500 B11B190011 $10.00 GT-S50 B11B194011 $20.00 DS-510 B11B209201 $32.50 GT-S80 B11B194081 $40.00 V500 Office B11B189071 $20.00 DS-6500 B11B205221 $32.50 DS-7500 B11B205321 $50.00 DS50000 B11B204121 $65.00 DS60000 B11B204221 $130.00 DS70000 B11B204321 $195.00 DS-560 B11B221201 $20.00

ViewSonic Summer Soccer Promo
Promotion Dates: Until May 31st, 2014
Resellers earn 1 ballot for every $5,000 in ViewSonic purchases during the promotion period. At the end of the promo, 2 resellers will win one of two $500 Credit on Accounts available. DMR/National customers excluded

Epson Projector Instant Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until the end of June 2014
SKU     IR V11H490020 PowerLite 1955  $100.00 V11H550120 PowerLite 1262W  $30.00 V11H568020 PowerLite S17  $25.00 V11H569020 PowerLite X17  $15.00 V11H551120 PowerLite 1222  $25.00 V11H479120-F PowerLite 1751 Multimedia Projector  $75.00 V11H477020 PowerLite 1771W Multimedia Projector  $50.00 V11H476020 PowerLite 1776W Multimedia Projector  $50.00 V11H493020 PowerLite W16 Active 3D Projector  $50.00 V11H471020 PowerLite 1945W  $65.00 V11H544020 PowerLite 4750W  $100.00 Distributors Ingram Micro Synnex Taknology D & H

Microsoft Hardware Volume Price Program (VPP)
Promotion Dates: Through June 30th 2014
Microsoft is pleased to offer Resellers this Hardware Volume Price Program  The program begins on July 1st 2013 and runs through June 30th 2014 This program will allow resellers to offer Microsoft Hardware solutions to their end-customers with competitive bid pricing on larger opportunities.  Discount offering: Volume Discount Tiers:   Individual Units per Deal Eligible Discount off Distributor Cost 50-199 3% 200-499 5% 500-999 10% 1000-3999 15% 4000 + 20% Example: 1 Unit = 1 Mouse  

BenQ Q1 and Q2 - 2014 GEM Program
Promotion Dates: Until June 30th, 2014
LCD 3% - All LCD models except G925HD PRJ 5% - All Projector models except MS502, MS504, MX503, MX505, W770ST, W1070, W1080ST, W1250, W1500, W7500

APC Q2 2014 Rebates
Promotion Dates: From April 1 2014 thru June 30 2014
  Part #   Rebate AP7900   $30.00 AP9562   $6.00 AR2400   $80.00 AR3100   $100.00 AR4018A   $200.00 AR4024A   $300.00 SMT1500RM2U   $50.00 SURTA2200RMXL2U   $80.00 SMT1000RM2U   $45.00 SMX1500RM2U   $65.00 SMX750   $40.00 P7GB   $1.50  

HP Performance Displays Instant Rebate
Promotion Dates: Until Jun 30th, 2014
    SKU Instant Rebate   9746CH $80   7051BY $25   7213BY $45   2684BX $25  

HP Mobile & DT Workstation Instant Rebates
Promotion Dates: Until Jun 30th, 2014
    SKU Instant Rebate   F1K93UT#ABA $100   F1L05UT#ABA $80   F1L07UT#ABA $125   F1L53UT#ABA $100   F2P55UT#ABA $200   F2R89UT#ABA $150   F2R90UT#ABA $170   F2P50UT#ABA $220   F2S00UT#ABA $265   F1K93UT#ABC $100   F1L05UT#ABC $80   F1L07UT#ABC $125   F1L53UT#ABC $100   F2P55UT#ABL $200   F2R89UT#ABL $150   F2R90UT#ABL $170   F2P50UT#ABL $220   F2S00UT#ABL $265  

Built Print Tough OKI Rebate
Promotion Dates: Apr 9 - June 30 2014
  Product   IR     62441604   $500     62441704   $750     62439401   $500     62439701   $750     62442001   $250     62442101   $350