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Have your Business Cards handy!
Source: gerlindasblog | Posted on 23 October 2013 | 1:34 pm
Coming soon: a whole new you, in your twitter profile
Moment by moment, your Twitter profile shows the world who you are. Starting today, it will be even easier (and, we think, more fun) to express yourself through a new and improved web profile.
Cuba brands as illegal U.S.-created Cuban Twitter

Facebook $2B Oculus Buy Angers Users
Some Oculus Rift users have no idea how to make sense of Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of the virtual reality company.
French Consumer Group Sues U.S. Social Networks
Facebook, Twitter and Google are being sued by French consumer group, UFC-Que Choisir, because of the inability of consumers to truly have control of their data once it is placed in the hands of these social networks
Sony counts on selfies, video calls to drive image sensor growth
Sony Corp is counting on the boom in smartphones and the market's voracious appetite for megapixels - vital to better quality video calls and "selfies" - to sustain the double-digit revenue growth in its image sensor business.
Twitter crashes second time in nine days, blames software glitch

Oracle Offers Open API, Partners for Social Media CRM
Among the benefits Oracle is heralding are comprehensive analytics through Social Relationship Management and partner sites that help users understand the metrics and results behind paid, owned and earned content.
Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfie a landmark social media moment

Is WhatsApp Really Worth $19B to Facebook?
Can Facebook make money off the $19 billion it’s paying for WhatsApp?
New iMaximize Social Security App Will Allow Users to Maximize Their Social Security Benefits

Facebook Taps CA Technologies for Data Center Efficiency
Both CA and Facebook are confident that the social media company’s IT team can now bring this energy-related data into its broader DCIM system for an even more complete view of overall system status.
Facebook Is Read Daily in America More Often Than the Bible

Facebook looks to nab Twitters second screen crown in Super Bowl
More than 100 million people will be glued to their TV screens on Sunday, when the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks in America's premier sporting contest, the Super Bowl.
Social media will become more important for investor relations, new survey shows
Institutional investors globally remain skeptical but recognize growing importance of social media
Selling clicks to boost social media accounts brings hundreds of millions of dollars

Horyou, A New Internet Philosophy Is On Its Way

Churches take to YouTube, Instagram to spread holiday gospel

RBC first North American Financial Institution to bring person-to-person electronic money transfers to Facebook Messenger

Twitter Beefs Up Encryption Against NSA Snooping
PFS largely protects intercepted communications against future encryption key disclosure.
Social media will drive Chinese liberalization : Google Schmidt
The rise of social media in China will lead to liberalization, and as more and more people go online China's government will be powerless to halt the changes, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google Inc, said on Monday.